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Modern dev and data for technical SMEs.

Computational problem solving and flexbile software systems that grow with you.

Here's how we can help if...

You're growing but you have to handle it all.

You want to delegate, analyze, optimize, automate, digitize. We can turn your domain knowledge, your complex pricing rules and all those special cases for your product or service into code, so that you can hire help and get them productive quickly.

You're launching a startup.

You want want an MVP that you can eventually take in-house. If you need an economical MVP but it's too early to invest in a team, we can help. We'll leverage boilerplate code and an open, modern stack to get going quickly. We'll help you take a project in-house.

No good existing option will solve your problem.

We can help when generic software doesn't fit, or the software for your industry is antiquated, overpriced or just not right for your approach. We can partner with you to build the next generation of software for your industry.

A few clients we've worked with, across industries


A family-operated fenestration manufacturer and distributor in Montréal, Canada

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A family-operated fenestration business from Montréal needed to capture their technical know-how in software to sustain growth. Since Q1 2020, we've been helping with a full digital transformation by building a software system to support multiple aspects of the business, from estimation tools to scrap optimization for manufacturing. Existing industry software was too antiquated, too expensive, or inflexible; we're partnering to change that.

We'll be posting a detailed case study shortly.


A fintech startup in Naples, Italy

We built a data acquisition and ETL pipeline for a fintech startup in Italy, building the most data-intensive components of a SaaS for risk assessment in crowdfunding.

A global martech startup

We helped support a DevOps transformation by updating and deploying an ETL pipeline and data augmentation APIs that rely on machine learning.

A few things we're building for you already

A web and mobile application for easy manual data collection


We're building an app to help you measure processes and track observations as quickly as possible, whether it's on the road, in the warehouse, on the shop floor, or at your desk.

What we do, a bit more about DataOpera

DataOpera builds software, primarily for the web and for mobile. Our niche is building custom software for entrepreneurs with startups and small businesses. We also have significant capabilities in data science (statistical analysis, "classical" machine learning, deep learning and data visualization).

Throughout their careers, our small team has worked on software and data science projects in bioinformatics, finance, martech/adtech, tourism, construction, manufacturing and legacy hardware emulation.

A few key points.

  • We start the project with you; it is unlikely that we will take on existing software projects without rebuilding them.
  • Good software requires continuous feedback and constant change. We'll need to learn a lot from you. Expect to set aside a fair amount of time for constant communication with us, especially early on in the project.
  • We usually charge a fixed monthly rate for development. This fee is similar to a retainer and we'll re-evaluate it throughout the lifetime of a project. We expect change, and we'll be there to work with you and support the system long-term.
  • Data Opera is proudly based in Italy. We've worked with clients in Europe and North America.
  • Site visits are incredibly valuable. We'll travel to you, spend time meeting the team, gathering feedback, and learning in the field.

Get in touch with us

To contact us about a project, use the link below to send us an email directly. If we can't help we will always do our best to point you in the right direction.